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ChatGPT Masterclass: A Complete ChatGPT Guide for Beginners! Published 1/2023Created by Lance JunckMP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 ChGenre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 32 Lectures ( 3h 30m ) | Size: 2.6 GBChat GPT for Beginners to Experts: A Marketing Agencies Guide on how anyone can start or scale a business using ChatGPT!What you’ll learnHow to create SEO, Ecommerce, Translation, Amazon, and Salescopy using ChatGPT to provide value to other people’s businesses or your own!How to create images using Dalle and how to create code and apps using the open api of Open AITechniques for using ChatGPT to create personalized and engaging youtube contentHow ChatGPT can be used to automize your workload and day to day tasks!Techniques for evaluating and improving the quality of text generated by ChatGPT.How students can use ChatGPT to complete coursework and summarize fictionHow to create a Podcast in minutes using the script writing features of ChatPGTHow to build a website and create landing page content for ChatGPTRequirementsNone needed! Just a willingness to learn and a desire to take advantage of the absolutely amazing technology that is ChatGPT and Dalle!Internet connection and hey look- you already have that because you’re reading this right now!

[ ] Udemy – ChatGPT Masterclass – A Complete ChatGPT Guide for Beginners!

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1. Picking Up ChatGPT

1. Welcome to the most Comprehensive ChatGPT on Udemy!.mp4 (75.1 MB)
2. Why You Should Get Started Today!.mp4 (41.7 MB)
3. Getting Started with ChatGPTYour First Query.mp4 (90.3 MB)
4. ChatGPT as a Search Engine.mp4 (117.5 MB)

2. Build, Optimize, and Scale your Business Using ChatGPT

1. The Best Businesses to Start with ChatGPT.mp4 (54.5 MB)
10. Write with Voice ChatGPT for Youtube Scripts.mp4 (149.9 MB)
11. A Podcast in Minutes ChatGPT for Long-Form Script Writing.mp4 (103.7 MB)
12. ChatGPT for Growing a Business When you Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.mp4 (73.7 MB)
13. RapGPT Writing original songs, chords and Lyrics with ChatGPT.mp4 (127.7 MB)
2. ChatGPT for Non traditional Writing- How I Built this Course using ChatGPT!.mp4 (66.3 MB)
3. ChatGPT for SEOWriting a Landing Page.mp4 (148.8 MB)
4. Amazon SEO with ChatGPT.mp4 (144.2 MB)
5. Selling Competitive Products with ChatGPT.mp4 (160.9 MB)
6. 3 Different Types of Emails you Can Build with ChatGPT.mp4 (81.3 MB)
7. Creating Social Media Posts with ChatGPT.mp4 (113.2 MB)
8. Using Copy.Ai for Instagram Captions.mp4 (48.0 MB)
9. Using ChatGPT for Language Translation.mp4 (113.4 MB)

3. Programming with ChatGPT

1. ChatGPT for Programmers.mp4 (46.0 MB)
2. Code Generation with ChatGPT.mp4 (64.1 MB)
3. Algorithms with ChatGPT Pt 1.mp4 (39.4 MB)
4. Algorithms with ChatGPT Pt 2.mp4 (21.1 MB)
5. Documentation with ChatGPT.mp4 (39.2 MB)
6. Code Debugging with ChatGPT.mp4 (39.2 MB)

4. Create Incredible Art with Dall-E 2

1. Intro to Dall-E 2.mp4 (52.6 MB)
2. Dall-E 2 Prompt Design.mp4 (101.2 MB)
3. Dall-E 2 Editing Deep Dive.mp4 (112.7 MB)
4. Making Money with Dall-E 2.mp4 (89.6 MB)

5. Don’t Show Your Professor ChatGPT for Students

1. A Full Essay in 2 MinutesSummarized Fiction Writing.mp4 (86.9 MB)
2. ChatGPT for Interview Prep!.mp4 (125.5 MB)

6. The Full Power of ChatGPT Odds and Ends + Protips

1. Nutritionist GPT Make Meal Plans and Measure Calories with ChatGPT.mp4 (68.5 MB)
2. Common Error Messages and Fixes with ChatGPT.mp4 (48.8 MB)
3. A Texas Sized Goodbye! Thank you for Joining Us ).mp4 (24.0 MB)

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