Download Udemy – SEO Tricks and Hacks: Making Search Engines Work for You. Torrent

Learn the SEO Strategies You need to enhance your visibility on Search Engines, dominate your market, and boost Sales.

Download Udemy - SEO Tricks and Hacks: Making Search Engines Work for You. Torrent


SEO is of high relevance to Digital Marketing. It is the most cost-effective way to connect with people (potential customers) who are looking for you. What SEO does is basically use the keywords in your content as a link to connect your brand to people who are searching with the keywords?

Understanding Keywords, How the Search Engine Works, and Identifying your Business Goals and how to align the trio is the Secret to developing an Effective Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

More than 70% of consumers use the Search Engine to research products and services and compare options on what to buy before actually buying them. Hence, a Brand’s visibility on the Search Engine Result Page determines if its potential audience can find and engage with it online or not. Learning to implement standard SEO Tricks and Hacks to boost the presence and visibility of a brand on the search engine is an infallible skill for smart Digital Marketing Specialists and Business Owners.

In this course, you’ll learn How the Search Engine Works and everything you need to know about #Keywords.

You’ll also discover the 4 Ultimate SEO Goals and the 10 SEO Tricks and Hacks you can start implementing today and Magically position your business/brand on the first page of Google.

This Course, “SEO Tricks and Hacks: Making Search Engines Work for You.” is structured to be highly comprehensive.

I’ll walk you through the:


> What is SEO?

> What are Keywords?

> What to Consider when Researching Keywords and Implementing #SEO Strategies

> What SEO Tools to use


> Why SEO is Important and Why You should be on Google’s Number 1 Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

> Why #Metadatas are Important

> Why Mobile Optimization and Local Business Listing is Important

> Why Search Engines uses Security and User Experience to Rank your Website

and ‘How‘

> How to Research and Use Keywords

> How the Search Engine Works and Ranks your Web Page

> How to Create SEO-Friendly Contents

> How to Measure Your SEO Performance

SEO is the most cost-effective and most effective way to be found online.

In Today’s digital age where almost every brand is daring to maximize the power of the internet, it is no more a battle of being online -every brand can do that, the battle is about being seen online, especially when people who need what you offer are looking for you.

Search Engine Optimization presents you to people who matter most to your brand. Good SEO practices connects you to your perfect customer.

SEO is like the magic wand that can fulfill all interests, from awareness and engagement to conversion and sales, every brand wants the benefits of SEO, and every smart Digital Marketing Specialist and Business Owner must be able to make search engines work for them.

Take This SEO Tricks and Hacks Course and get insights into how the Search Engine works, how to use Keywords, the 10 powerful SEO tricks and Hacks, and more. 

Who this course is for:

Business Owners
Digital Marketing Enthusiasts
Online Business Enthusiasts


Be able to understand African English
Must have used Google Search
Must be Interested in Ranking on Google and Appearing on Search Engine Result Page
Must have a Business or Website He/She is trying to Optimize Online

Last updated 6/2019


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