IELTS Listening [MASTERCLASS] – Get Band 7 + Free Download Tutorials

IELTS Listening [MASTERCLASS] – Get Band 7 +

This is a 6+ hour masterclass for getting Band 7+ on the IELTS listening check. In this course, you’ll be taught all of the methods and techniques you want in a step-by-step method. We’ll start by establishing some fundamental groundwork after which construct up your understanding progressively with numerous examples, follow questions and breakdown of methods. In this course, you’ll be taught:

  • How to reply each query kind
  • How to be careful for the widespread tips and traps that the majority college students fall for
  • How to tempo your self and handle your time
  • How to make use of your ‘prep time’ properly and effectively
  • How to mark the appropriate key phrases and search for particular data
  • How to hear for the proper reply
  • And way more!

You’ll get fingers-on follow with our “guided video lessons” wherein you and I each will collectively reply the questions from the listening check, in actual time. Then we’ll break down the audioscript and have a look at the explanations behind the proper reply decisions and we’ll additionally break down the completely different tips and traps which can be used. After taking this course, you can be assured in your capability to deal with any kind of listening query that the examiners throw at you. Are you prepared? Then ahoy and welcome aboard!


If you’re not but certain about taking this course, then I invite you to preview our free video classes and learn the evaluations from our college students, as a way to make a greater choice:


“Shay (the instructor) says, ‘it’s the best course of its kind’. I, at the beginning, thought this sentence is nothing but a typical persuasive sentence to attract more students. Now, I am convinced that it is really the best course I have ever come across. Writing task 1 has always been the biggest nightmare for me. I don’t why I don’t understand graphs, tables and all these stuffs. My mind doesn’t work when someone gives me directions. I took IELTS course from Magoosh, Road to IELTS and enrolled in several courses on Udemy. It seems that not everyone covers every aspect of the writing task 1. This course has been the most comprehensive course so far. I felt it necessary to leave an honest review that can help others to take a right decision. I will outline the main reasons why I liked this course below. 1. The slides are extremely beautifully designed. I just feel reading them when I see the colorful slides. 2. It’s very engaging, and not boring like other courses. 3. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. I was surprised that how come he didn’t leave any single aspect of the task 1. The vocabulary he provided, the sample answers he gave, and the sentence structures he taught are just perfect to achieve a band 9. 4. It’s more than a writing task 1 course. The grammar section is very concise and to the point. He made the grammar section super easy to understand with lots of useful examples. God bless you Shay. I cannot thank you enough. Much love and good wishes.”

—The Piercing Star

“WOW!! I’m so glad to have taken this course. I learned from Youtube and some other online blogs, but this is the best course I have seen so far!”

—Martin Wolski

“Thanks a lot. This was one of the best IELTS courses which I have watched up to now . Thanks a million for your nice and great job. I wish you and your family the bests.”

—Akbar Zahiri

“I did not expect such well-designed and focus lectures. It is amazing. Well done.”

—Elnazeer Eisa

“Actually, it is the best choice for me. Although I don’t intend to take IELTS now,I took advantages of the course and learned many hints and keys to IELTS exam. The teacher is really professional as he uses the best ways of explanation and especially the section of common errors. Thank you gratefully.”

—Sara Muhammed Abdalsalam Abdaldaym

“Shay made everything about speaking crystal clear, he also included a lot of examples which are absolutely essential. I highly recommend this course. Thumbs up!”

—Tri Yudha Sasmita



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