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We assure you that that is probably the most complete and up-to-date DevOps Bootcamp that you will discover to study and grasp Linux, from scratch. Sure, different Linux sysadmin coaching programs and youtube movies can train you the fundamentals. But this course will make sure you truly retain what you’re studying by providing you with the possibility to use Linux in real-world eventualities with quizzes and challenges on the finish of every part. You can even get hands-on expertise by configuring a Linux Server from scratch within the cloud.

Linux powers the web. It’s all over the place. From the smallest to the largest firms like Amazon, Microsoft, SpaceX, they’re all utilizing Linux on their backend. This course isn’t only for those who wish to turn out to be Linux Sysadmins. It’s for anybody that realizes that in some unspecified time in the future, they should work with Linux of their profession and desires to broaden their skillset and make an funding of their profession.


This course is NOT like every other Linux Administration course you possibly can take on-line. By the top of this course, you should have the talents to get employed as an efficient Linux System Engineer or Administrator.

This DevOps Bootcamp and Linux Administration course covers each main matter, together with all vital Linux instructions, the Linux Filesystem, File Permissions, Process Management, User Account Management, Software Management, Networking in Linux, System Administration, Bash Scripting, Iptables/Netfilter Firewall, Linux Security and lots of extra.

Graduates of Zero To Mastery at the moment are working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, Shopify + different prime tech firms. This may very well be you.

By enrolling in the present day, you’ll additionally get to affix our unique stay on-line group classroom to study alongside hundreds of scholars, alumni, mentors, TAs and Instructors. Most importantly, you can be studying from an business skilled that has 15+ years of precise real-world expertise working with Linux as a DevOps Engineer.

Do you wish to study a new useful talent, get employed, get a promotion, or just put together for the longer term? Well, then this course is for you!

By taking this DevOps Bootcamp, you’re making the most effective investments you can also make in your tech profession.

This course is taught by me, Andrei, a Senior Network Engineer and Professional Trainer. Why must you study from me?

  • I’m a Practitioner and an Enthusiast. Welcome to the actual world! I’ve been utilizing Linux for the final 15 years in real-world tasks. I’m not simply a random man that teaches Linux Administration. Just think about that in this time I’ve discovered and utilized increasingly virtually on a every day foundation. And now I’m sharing all the pieces with you.
  • I’m an Educator and I understand how to make a Syllabus. I do know precisely what’s vital and what’s not. For the final 10 years, I’ve educated hundreds of individuals on Linux Administration, Security, Networking, and Programming.
  • You’ll study not just some instructions and instruments but in addition how you can mix them for real-world jobs.

The subjects lined on this DevOps & Linux Bootcamp course are:

  • Setting Up the Environment (putting in each Ubuntu and CentOS)
  • The Linux Terminal In-Depth
  • The Linux File System
  • Absolute vs. Relative Paths. Walking by means of the File System (pwd, cd, tree)
  • The LS Command In-Depth (ls)
  • Understanding File Timestamps: atime, mtime, ctime (stat, contact, date)
  • Viewing Files (cat, much less, extra, tail, head, watch)
  • Creating Files and Directories (contact, mkdir)
  • Copying, Moving, Renaming, and Deleting Files and Directories (cp, mv, rm, shred)
  • Working With Pipes in Linux (|, wc)
  • Command Redirection (>, >>, 2> &>, reduce, tee)
  • Finding Files and Directories (find, discover, which)
  • Find and Exec
  • Searching for String Patterns (grep, strings)
  • Comparing Files (cmp, diff, sha256)
  • The VIM Editor In-Depth
  • Compressing and Archiving Files and Directories (tar, gzip, bzip2)
  • Hard and Symbolic Links. The Inode Structure
  • User Accounts Management
  • Understanding passwd and shadow recordsdata
  • Understanding Linux Groups (teams, id)
  • Creating, Changing, and Removing User Accounts User Accounts (useradd, usermod, userdel)
  • Group Management (groupadd, groupdel, groupmod)
  • User Account Monitoring (whoami, who am i, who, id, w, uptime, final)
  • Linux File Permissions
  • Octal (Numeric) Notation of File Permissions
  • Changing File Permissions (chmod)
  • Changing File Ownership (chown, chgrp)
  • Understanding SUID (Set User ID), SGID (Set Group ID), and the Sticky Bit
  • Umask
  • Understanding Files Attributes (lsattr, chattr)
  • Linux Process Management
  • Processes and The Linux Security Model
  • Listing Processes (ps, pstree, prime, htop)
  • Signals and Killing Processes (kill, pkill, killall, pidof)
  • Foreground and Background Processes
  • Job Control (jobs, fg, bg)
  • Networking on Linux
  • Getting Information and configuring the Network Interfaces (ip, ifconfig, route)
  • Setting Up Static IP on Ubuntu (netplan)
  • Testing and Troubleshooting Network Connectivity
  • Using, Troubleshooting, and Securing SSH (sshd)
  • Copying Files Over the Network (scp)
  • Synchronizing Files and Directories utilizing rsync
  • Using wget
  • Checking for Listening Ports (netstat, ss, lsof, telnet, nmap)
  • Software Management
  • DPKG (Debian and Ubuntu Based Distros) and APT
  • DNF (RedHat Based Distros)
  • Compiling Software From Source Code: Lab ProFTPD
  • Linux System Administration
  • Task Automation and Scheduling Using Cron (crontab) and Anacron
  • Mounting and Unmounting File Systems (df, mount, umount, fdisk, gparted)
  • Working With Device Files (dd)
  • Getting System Hardware Information (lwhw, lscpu, lsusb, lspci, dmidecode, hdparm)
  • Service Management (systemd and systemctl)
  • Bash Shell Scripting
  • Security: Information Gathering and Sniffing Traffic
  • Security: Netfilter/Iptables Firewall
  • Security: SSH PKI & SSH Hardening

This course isn’t about making you simply code alongside with out understanding the rules in order that if you end up achieved with the course you don’t know what to do apart from watch one other tutorial… No!

This course will push you and problem you to go from an absolute newbie in Linux and DevOps to somebody that’s a assured and efficient Linux Sysadmin 💪.

Click Start Learning Now to affix the Academy and we’ll see you contained in the course!

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