Oil & Gas Energy Review 2021 Free Download Tutorials

Oil & Gas Energy Review 2021


The Webinar covers the BP (British Petroleum Company) Statistical Review of the World Energy Trends of 2020.


This exhibits present established order of vitality and customary developments such because the renewable sources which might be rising quickly.

The Main focus is into oil and gasoline, however doesn’t limits solely to those. It focuses on coal and different sources as nicely.

Common Aspects thought-about:

  • World Consumption (per area, capita and nation)
  • Production (gas sorts, vitality sources, and many others.)
  • Proved Reserves (oil, gasoline and coal)
  • Types of Energies & various Fuels (hydro, nuclear, bio, and many others…)
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Much extra!

Common Sources included within the Report: Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Electricity, Carbon Emissions, Wind Energy, Solar, and many others…

This course is extraordinarily advisable if you’ll proceed with the next:

  • Oil & Gas Courses
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Energy Production
  • Electricity Production

Theory-Based Course

The course is a overview of the recordsdata of BP stories. There isn’t any sensible workouts and it is suggested for a single sit session, though not restricted to this.

At the top of the course:

You will know the related sources of Energy used within the World. Based on 2019-2020 years, that is nice for engineers in addition to folks in any trade that focuses in vitality. You will be capable to establish why Oil & Gas are nonetheless related sources of vitality, establish Countries with the most important quantity of proved reserves in addition to nations in control of manufacturing. It additionally focuses on nations and areas that devour probably the most of oil, gasoline, coal and different energies.

About your teacher:

I majored in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Industrial Engineering again in 2012.

I labored as a Process Design/Operation Engineer in INEOS Koln, totally on the petrochemical space regarding naphtha treating. There I designed and modeled a number of processes relating separation of isopentane/pentane mixtures, catalytic reactors and separation processes similar to distillation columns, flash separation units and transportation of tank-trucks of product.

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