Swimming After Breast Cancer Surgery

Swimming After Breast Cancer Surgery

Swimming could be nice train following surgical procedure for breast most cancers, like a mastectomy or lumpectomy. But for some folks, returning to the pool after a strenuous, appearance-altering surgical process could be troublesome. Putting on a swimsuit can elevate troublesome emotions about how somebody’s physique has modified from breast most cancers surgical procedure, so MyBCTeam members encourage one another to search out methods to take pleasure in their journeys to the pool or seashore following breast most cancers surgical procedure.

Can You Swim After Breast Cancer Surgery?

First issues first: You could marvel when you can swim following surgical procedure — and in that case, when. It is all the time greatest to ask your surgeon, oncologist, or well being care supplier how lengthy you must wait earlier than doing sure actions, together with swimming, after you may have had surgical procedure. That stated, you must wait to go within the swimming pool, ocean, or sizzling tub at the very least till the incisions in your surgical website have healed, if not longer. How lengthy you must wait will rely upon the kind of surgical procedure you had, in addition to the way you’re recovering and your common health degree.

Your oncology specialist might also advise against swimming throughout breast most cancers remedy. Chemotherapy reduces your immune system’s means to battle off infections, leaving you at a better threat from micro organism in water. Radiation remedy may also make the pores and skin extra delicate to chemical substances present in pool water, like chlorine, and result in irritation.

Body Image and Swimming After Breast Cancer Surgery

While swimming could really feel nice, the prospect of placing on a showering go well with after breast most cancers surgical procedure could be upsetting. “Body image is hard,” stated one MyBCTeam member who underwent a double mastectomy with out reconstruction. “I go to the gym, and I feel so insecure.” “I am just uncomfortable with my body shape,” one other member shared.

Difficulty discovering a swimsuit that matches your post-surgery physique can add to insecurity. “No swimming suits fit,” wrote a member. “I just wear an exercise bra and tight shorts. So much for my sexy body.” Another member wrote, “As if bathing suit shopping wasn’t hard enough already (for me, at least). Now, I have to be aware of covering up things like radiated skin, scars … ”

Support from household and different MyBCTeam members helps individuals who’ve undergone breast most cancers remedy turn into extra snug with the bodily adjustments they’ve skilled. “When we were at the beach, I was so nervous about having a swimming suit on due to the fact you could see my scars,” one member wrote. “My daughter said to be proud of them. It shows that you are a fighter and a survivor of breast cancer. She has really helped me through this.”

One MyBCTeam member inspired their teammates with the same message: “My scars are part of my story and so far survival. Our breasts don’t define us any more than the size of our feet.” Another member wrote, “I think you should proudly strut your stuff in whatever bathing suit makes you smile, because (A) you’re insanely beautiful — scars and all — and (B) the only person who will be aware of that scar is you.”

Getting Physical Activity After Breast Cancer Surgery

Swimming is a good way to suit some train into your routine. It may also enable you to build strength earlier than, throughout, and after surgical procedure. As one MyBCTeam member wrote, “I spent yesterday running errands and swam a little in the pool. The muscles under the surgery area needed to be built up.” Another member shared, “Swimming works all muscles, and because of buoyancy, one doesn’t hurt themselves. … Now that I have more time, I am going to try swimming and aqua fit classes.”

One member rejoiced once they had been in a position to return to their favourite train: “Today, I went swimming, and I can actually do laps again! My form is lopsided (nerve damage from mastectomy), but it’s fun. I feel grateful that I can do this stuff again.”

Some MyBCTeam members even discover that swimming helps them get well from surgical procedure. “I have found a great way to help with chest tightness and stretches six months post double mastectomy, no reconstruction. Swimming!” a member shared. “It’s made a world of difference.” Research has additionally recommended that reasonable train — and swimming, particularly — can help improve lymphedema (lymph node swelling) and seroma (fluid accumulation), each of which might happen after breast most cancers surgical procedure.

Choosing the Right Swimsuit After Breast Cancer Surgery

Being snug in a swimsuit — with or with out breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, or breast implants — takes time. “I wore a swimming boob the first couple of times I went swimming,” wrote one member. “Now, I just go without it. I feel a bit uncomfortable, but my husband tells me to think of it as a ‘teaching moment’ if anybody asks.”

Another member despaired, “I’m looking to buy a swimsuit for this coming summer season, and I’m already beyond frustrated at trying to find one. Do they not make attractive suits for ladies like me who haven’t had reconstruction and aren’t into using prosthetics but who wish to look pretty and feminine and still be confident?” Another member wrote, “Bathing suit shopping is bad enough … bathing suit shopping after a mastectomy just adds salt to the wound.”

Luckily, there are a lot of swimwear choices designed particularly for individuals who have undergone breast most cancers surgical procedure. Many embody particular pockets to carry silicone breast kinds or different breast prostheses. “Thankfully, Lands’ End has some nice looking mastectomy tops,” stated one member. Another standard swimwear model with built-in breast prosthesis pockets is Amoena.

One member provided the next recommendation for locating post-surgery-friendly bathing fits: “Google mastectomy shops in your area — they sell lots of swimsuits now, along with the bras/tops, etc. They are made to hold the prosthetic — you can hardly tell.” Another possibility, shared by one other member, is “regular bathing suits that have a seam around the whole breast area (so when you put the piece in, it will stay in the specific area for the breast) and a small slit on the side to put the prosthetic in.”

If you do determine to put on breast prostheses, one member provided some steering: “Make sure they are well secured in your suit. I once read about a ‘foob’ that liberated itself during a water aerobics class. I kept waiting for that to happen during a water aerobics class I occasionally attend.”

Don’t be too embarrassed if one thing like this occurs to you, although. As this member identified, “Given that it’s a class of 24 women, I’m sure there are BC survivors among them.”

Find Your Team

On MyBCTeam, the social community and on-line help group for these dwelling with breast most cancers, members discuss a spread of private experiences and struggles. Swimming after breast most cancers surgical procedure is among the most mentioned matters.

Can you relate? Did you take pleasure in swimming after breast most cancers surgical procedure? Did placing on a swimsuit make you’re feeling self-conscious? Share your ideas within the feedback under or by posting in your Activities web page.

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