The Ultimate React Course 2023: React, Redux & More

What you’ll examine

  • Become a complicated, assured, and stylish React developer from scratch
  • Build 8+ beautiful duties, along with one HUGE expert real-world app
  • Become job-ready by working with libraries and devices utilized in expert duties
  • Join my totally different 1,500,000+ blissful faculty college students on this journey
  • Think like a senior React engineer with superior design patterns
  • React fundamentals: components, JSX, props, events, state, varieties
  • State administration: fascinated about state, the place to place, native vs. world, UI vs. distant
  • Build reusable, composable, and versatile components
  • Master the difficult nonetheless important useEffect hook as quickly as and for all
  • Build many personalized hooks, reusable in your future duties
  • Build single-page functions with React Router (along with v6.4+ with data loading)
  • Performance optimization with memo, useMemo, useCallback, and code splitting
  • Advanced React choices: useReducer, Context API, cloneElement, portals, and lots of others.
  • Advanced state administration with Redux, Redux Toolkit, Thunks, React Query
  • Build real-world app choices: authentication, data sorting, filtering and pagination, darkish mode, charts, and lots of others.
  • Understand how React actually works behind the scenes: digital DOM, reconciliation, fiber tree, key prop, and lots of others.
  • Style your apps with Tailwind CSS, CSS Modules, Styled Components (CSS-in-JS)
  • Practice your talents with many challenges, exercise routines, and observe duties

Who this course is for:

  • You merely accomplished finding out JavaScript and are searching for the subsequent transfer!
  • You want to really grasp React progress, along with widespread libraries needed to assemble real-world apps: React Router, Redux, React Query, React Hooks Form, and loads of others
  • You have been finding out React, nonetheless 1) nonetheless don’t understand React, or 2) nonetheless don’t actually really feel assured to assemble expert React apps
  • You have been developing React apps, nonetheless are nonetheless missing the superior stuff: useReducer, effectivity optimization, how React actually works, superior design patterns, and lots of others.

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Here’s the torrent file for it

Download : Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Google Drive Link)

proper right here is its google drive hyperlink if someone downloads it add it to mega

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