The headquarters of Google in TsyuriheSamy the world’s best employer should have the best in the world of office. It is this principle, and guided the company Google, when it created the miracle of high productivity in Zurich. Now even the most modern cities in Europe can not compete with Tsyurihom. Legkaya and flexible workspace, which has been specifically designed to stimulate and support of Google can best address the complex and innovative projects. Offices include personal work, formal and informal meeting rooms, which are copied from the cableways cabs, cars, ships and so forth. Furniture is so diverse that you wonder how the effort will need to have employees of this office not to begin to sing and just have fun instead of working to fulfill zadaniya. Dlya transition from floor to floor, you can use a metal super-slide, and the floors ride scooter. We can say that the staff come to work fun. Among other things, all the food in the cafeteria at headquarters is absolutely free to come to work and go with it you can at any time, as long as you fulfill all the tasks assigned rukovodstvom.12 000 square meters of space have been developed for Google in the Swiss architectural studio Camenzind Evolution. In these fun and inspiring offices have pool, gym, library and stylish, the rooms of relaxation. Internet giant Google has several headquarters around the world, but this is the European office can be called the most perfect and amazing space from floor to ceiling, especially when it comes to the workspace.

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