The Complete Course of Red Team 2024

The Complete Course of Red Team 2024

Learn Red Teaming in a Professional method. Become expert in Offensive Security and Ethical Hacking, from ZERO to HERO!

What you’ll study

  • At the highest of the course, you may grasp Red Team, to have the power to conduct skilled Offensive Security and Ethical Hacking in precise conditions
  • You might be taught Redteam Methodology, Information Gathering & Reconnaissance, understanding all of the logic with superior wise examples & full duties
  • You will comply with the varieties of assaults in Social Engineering, the Vulnerability Assessment, and scanning
  • You might be taught knowledgeably the Exploitation Techniques and Password Attacks
  • You will grasp Web Application Security (e.g. Cross-Site Scripting XSS) and Wireless Network Security (e.g. Wi-Fi Encryption and Attacks)
  • You might be taught the Physical Security Assessments, Post-Exploitation and Persistence, and Threat Intelligence, understanding their interpretation
  • You will grasp the Incident Response Frameworks and Handling
  • You will understand the Red Team Reporting, Documentation, Tools, and Infrastructure
  • You might be taught every Cloud Security Assessment and IoT Security Assessment
  • You will know the Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), the Insider Threats, and the Counterintelligence Techniques
  • You will understand the Legal and Ethical Considerations in Red Teaming, which is critical for educated following of it
  • You might be succesful of following the content material materials realized sensibly by following all of the steps throughout the full exercise routines and the wise conditions
  • You will start with the basics and progressively carry out additional superior steps until you attain a sophisticated diploma and absolute mastery on the end of the course

21 sections • 106 lectures • 8h 41m full lengthExpand all sections

Introduction to Red Teaming5 lectures • 20min

  • Definition and Goals of Red TeamingPreview05:51
  • Red Team vs Blue Team03:59
  • Red Team Engagement Lifecycle04:20
  • Quiz & Assignment Lecture03:54
  • Summary01:43

Information Gathering and Reconnaissance5 lectures • 28min

  • Open-source Intelligence (OSINT)05:54
  • Active Reconnaissance Techniques hands-on12:02
  • Target Profiling and Footprinting05:35
  • Quiz & Assignment Lecture03:02
  • Summary01:50

Social Engineering6 lectures • 30min

  • Phishing Attacks hands-onPreview13:01
  • Pretexting and Impersonation02:42
  • Physical Social Engineering03:38
  • Psychological Principles and Manipulation05:52
  • Quiz & Assignment Lecture02:58
  • Summary01:29

Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning6 lectures • 54min

  • Network Scanning hands-on17:59
  • Vulnerability Scanning Tools hands-on10:50
  • Web Application Scanning hands-on13:56
  • Exploiting Misconfigurations and Weaknesses05:35
  • Quiz & Assignment Lecture03:29
  • Summary02:02

Exploitation Techniques6 lectures • 28min

  • Exploiting Web Application Vulnerabilities06:03
  • Exploiting Network Vulnerabilities04:59
  • Post-Exploitation Techniques04:14
  • Password Attacks hands-on07:46
  • Quiz & Assignment Lecture03:29
  • Summary01:50

Password Attacks5 lectures • 23min

  • Password Cracking Methods.05:16
  • Dictionary and Brute-Force Attacks hands-on07:56
  • Password Hashes and Salting05:26
  • Quiz & Assignment Lecture03:04
  • Summary01:35

Web Application Security5 lectures • 31min

  • Common Web Application Vulnerabilities05:14
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) hands-on16:24
  • SQL Injection04:20
  • Quiz & Assignment Lecture03:08
  • Summary01:57

Wireless Network Security5 lectures • 34min

  • Wi-Fi Encryption and Attacks hands-on18:49
  • Rogue Access Points04:35
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks04:41
  • Quiz & Assignment Lecture04:09
  • Summary01:59

Physical Security Assessments5 lectures • 20min

  • Site Surveys and Assessments06:43
  • Tailgating and Piggybacking04:08
  • Physical Access Control Systems04:13
  • Quiz & Assignment Lecture03:30
  • Summary01:49

Post-Exploitation and Persistence5 lectures • 31min

  • Privilege Escalation hands-on18:09
  • Maintaining Access04:38
  • Lateral Movement Techniques03:29
  • Quiz & Assignment Lecture03:39
  • Summary01:18


  • Having major notions of Red Team and Ethical Hacking might assist, however when not, do not be involved about triggering the course start from scratch
  • Preparing the needed setup for Red Teaming (when you have no idea how, do not be involved, it is simple, and I’ll make clear it to you throughout the course!)
  • laptop computer and of course, wish to be taught!


Become a Red Team expert and be taught one of the employer’s most requested skills nowadays!

This full course is designed in order that cybersecurity professionals, ethical hackers, penetration testers, engineers, school college students… might be taught Red Team offensive security from scratch to make use of it in a smart {{and professional}} method. Never although you in all probability don’t have any experience within the matter, you may be equally profitable in understanding each half and you may finish the course with full mastery of the subject.

After a number of years working inside IT security, we realized that mastering Red Team Offensive Security and Ethical Hacking might be essential in penetration testing, exploit enchancment, or completely different IT security functions. Commvault is one of the software program program leaders throughout the enterprise and its demand is rising. Knowing how one can use this software program program might provide you with many job options and monetary benefits, significantly on the planet of cybersecurity.

The huge draw back has on a regular basis been the complexity to fully understand Red Teaming it requires, since its absolute mastery simply is not simple. In this course, we try and facilitate this entire learning and enhancement course, in order that it’s attainable so that you can to carry out and understand your ethical hacking circumstances in a short time, as a result of of the step-by-step and detailed examples of every concept. You may even buy the needed skills for put collectively the OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional).

With nearly 9 distinctive hours of video and 106 lectures, this entire course leaves no stone unturned! It comprises wise exercise routines and theoretical examples to understand the pink workforce and exploit enchancment. The course will sensibly educate you on offensive security, from scratch, and step-by-step.

We will start with the setup and requirements in your laptop computer, regardless of your working system and laptop computer.

Then, we’ll cowl every kind of issues, along with the:

  • Introduction to Red Teaming and Course Dynamics
  • Red Teaming Methodology, Information Gathering, and Reconnaissance
  • Attacks in Social Engineering
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning
  • Exploitation Techniques
  • Password Attacks
  • Web Application Security and Wireless Network Security
  • Physical Security Assessments
  • Post-Exploitation and Persistence
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Incident Response and Handling
  • Red Team Reporting and Documentation
  • Red Team Tools and Infrastructure
  • Cloud Security Assessment and IoT Security Assessment
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
  • Insider Threats and Counterintelligence
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Mastery and utility of fully the MAIN targets of Redteam
  • Exercises, wise conditions, full duties, and fairly extra!

In completely different phrases, we want to contribute my grain of sand and educate you on all these points that we would have appreciated to know in our beginnings and that no particular person outlined to us. In this style, you can be taught to conduct the entire choice of cybersecurity and ethical hacking precise circumstances quickly and make versatile and full use of crimson workforce offensive security. And if that weren’t ample, you are going to get lifetime entry to any class and we’ll seemingly be at your disposal to answer to all of the questions you want throughout the shortest attainable time.

Learning Red Team has on no account been easier. What are you able to hitch?

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who haven’t any experience in Red Teaming and Offensive Security
  • Cybersecurity professionals, ethical hackers, penetration testers, engineers, school college students… who have to be taught offensive security in a educated and environment friendly method
  • Intermediate or superior Red Team school college students who want to boost their skills rather more!


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