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12 Tips for Managing Side Effects From Breast Cancer Radiation

12 Tips for Managing Side Effects From Breast Cancer Radiation

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  • Radiation remedy could cause numerous unwanted side effects, which may vary in sort and severity from individual to individual.
  • Use moisturizers and skincare methods to assist handle pores and skin modifications, and stay lively to assist lower fatigue and swelling throughout radiation remedy.
  • Listen to your physique and focus on any unwanted side effects from radiation together with your physician.

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Radiation remedy, also referred to as radiotherapy, is a priceless a part of many breast most cancers remedy plans. While efficient at killing most cancers cells and shrinking tumors, radiation remedy — like every medical remedy — does have a possible danger of unwanted side effects.

Luckily, your most cancers care staff and members of MyBCTeam, the web social community for individuals with breast most cancers, have helpful suggestions and solutions for coping with unwanted side effects from radiation remedy. “Take care of yourself — get good nutrition, hydrate, rest, relax, and let everyone pamper you,” one member inspired one other who was about to start out radiation therapies.

The incidence and severity of unwanted side effects from radiation remedy have an effect on everybody in a different way. People who’ve bigger breasts, truthful pores and skin, and circumstances that have an effect on pores and skin therapeutic could also be extra susceptible to unwanted side effects.

There are additionally many alternative radiation methods and strategies of remedy, and particular person unwanted side effects can range broadly. Treatment might contain the entire breast or a part of the breast, and generally radiation is directed at lymph nodes. Undergoing chemotherapy or taking sure medicines may additionally affect the chance of unwanted side effects. Be certain to ask your physician what unwanted side effects you need to be conscious of.

Side results often depend upon the kind of radiation and the handled space. The results of radiation might be acute (short-term) or long-term, occurring months to years later. Common acute unwanted side effects of exterior beam radiation remedy for breast most cancers embrace:

  • Skin modifications within the remedy space, typically redness and tenderness just like sunburn
  • Enlarged pores
  • Edema (swelling) of the breast
  • Fatigue

Brachytherapy — inner radiation — can even trigger pores and skin modifications within the remedy space. Additional unwanted side effects of brachytherapy embrace:

  • Breast ache from the machine or radiation pores and skin modifications
  • Damage to fatty tissue in or across the breast
  • Seroma (fluid assortment within the breast)
  • Infection

Although acute unwanted side effects might worsen by the length of remedy, most have a tendency to go away 4 to eight weeks after ending radiation remedy. Side results reminiscent of tissue injury and infections are uncommon and should require medical intervention, however there are methods to assist forestall and handle different unwanted side effects like pores and skin modifications, fatigue, and swelling.

Long-term unwanted side effects of radiation might develop six or more months later and will embrace shrinkage of the handled breast or, hardly ever, lymphedema (arm swelling). After brachytherapy, long-term unwanted side effects embrace a residual seroma that will really feel tougher over time.

12 Tips for Managing Skin Changes During Radiation Therapy

Areas of pores and skin handled with radiation might grow to be purple or darker than their regular colour and irritated. Skin modifications from radiation remedy are sometimes just like what you’d expertise with a sunburn. You may additionally develop a rash known as radiation dermatitis — a typical pores and skin response of radiation remedy.

Radiation remedy might trigger the handled pores and skin to feel and appear discolored, swollen, delicate, dry, or itchy. Skin may additionally peel, blister, or kind sores and current a danger of an infection. Tell your physician about any modifications to your pores and skin throughout radiation remedy — there are all the time methods to handle these unwanted side effects, and the sooner you alert your physician, the higher.

MyBCTeam members have shared their experiences with pores and skin issues throughout radiation. One member wrote, “You won’t feel much of anything at first. Over time, it’s like a gradual sunburn.”

You can deal with pores and skin in a number of methods throughout radiation remedy. Follow the following pointers and different solutions out of your physician that will help you really feel extra snug and reduce the chance of infections.

1. Moisturize Before and During Radiation Therapy

It’s necessary to (*12*) all through the length of radiation remedy. Start moisturizing handled areas even earlier than you discover any pores and skin modifications. Use fragrance-free lotions, lotions, or ointments for delicate pores and skin, and comply with your physician’s suggestions. You might must rinse off lotions or ointments earlier than remedy.

A MyBCTeam member really helpful, “Use the lotions generously. Be sure to wash them off before treatment, and apply them as soon as possible afterwards. Don’t wait to start using them. If you wait till you think you need them, it’s too late.”

Another member commented, “The key is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate — put lotion on your skin and drink plenty of water.” One member commented on their remorse of not utilizing moisturizer sooner, saying, “I made the mistake of not using it enough, and I did get a bad radiation burn.”

2. Dress Comfortably

To keep away from irritating your pores and skin, put on snug, loose-fitting clothes across the remedy space. Cotton is an efficient cloth alternative as a result of it’s very breathable.

Several MyBCTeam members have really helpful not carrying a bra: “Go braless as often as you can — the more you air out the area, the better.” Another member advised, “Wear a cotton camisole or loose-fitting cotton top.”

It’s additionally finest to keep away from skin-on-skin contact throughout remedy. Try to maintain your arms away from radiation-affected areas. If you don’t put on a bra, put a smooth cotton fabric or a washcloth beneath your breasts to forestall rubbing.

3. Skip Antiperspirants

Some docs suggest skipping antiperspirants, which can trigger extra pores and skin irritation, throughout remedy. Instead, strive dusting your armpits with cornstarch to soak up additional moisture and cut back friction. But verify together with your physician — some well being care professionals might enable pure deodorants or suggest that you just keep away from antiperspirants containing aluminum.

4. Keep the Area Clean

Clean the handled areas each day with a gentle, unscented cleaning soap. Make certain the water is heat and never sizzling, which dries out the pores and skin. Try to not let the bathe stream straight hit the handled space. To keep away from extra irritation, wash the realm utilizing your palms as an alternative of a loofah or washcloth. Pat dry and keep away from rubbing, even with a terry fabric towel.

While cleaning, attempt to not wash off any marks made by your radiologist. These marks assist direct radiation remedy to the proper place. Many remedy facilities use everlasting tattoos in order that washing received’t be a difficulty, however generally felt-tipped pens are used for preliminary planning and may very well be rubbed off. Ask your physician in case you’re unsure what was used.

5. Use Gentle Skin Care Products

Your pores and skin will likely be particularly delicate whereas present process radiation. Follow your most cancers care staff’s suggestions for which merchandise you should utilize throughout this time. In common, it’s finest to keep away from making use of strongly scented merchandise, which may trigger irritation in some individuals, straight on the handled breast. You can use lotions or perfumes anyplace else in your physique.

Look for packaging that claims “fragrance-free” as an alternative of “unscented.” Although unscented merchandise might not have an apparent scent, they might nonetheless include fragrances to masks the odor of different chemical compounds.

6. Keep Cool

The feeling of cool air might help ease discomfort for many individuals present process radiation remedy. Try utilizing a hair dryer on the cool setting and directing air on the remedy areas. One MyBCTeam member put in a ceiling fan straight over their mattress for cooling aid.

Another member really helpful, “Get a big bottle of saline from the first aid aisle of the pharmacy and soak a clean cloth. Lay it on your chest for 15 minutes or so, take it off and air-dry, then put cream on. It feels nice, cool, and soothing.”

It may look like a good suggestion to use ice packs on to your pores and skin, however don’t. Direct contact with ice packs can injury the pores and skin, leading to frostbite. Always place a towel or sheet or different smooth cloth between the ice pack and the pores and skin floor.

7. Avoid the Sun

Keeping the handled space (your chest and breast) out of the solar as a lot as potential whereas going by radiation. If it’s a must to go outdoors, ensure to put on loose-fitting, sun-protective clothes and apply sunscreen with a solar safety issue (SPF) of at the very least 30. The handled space of the breast and presumably the higher chest and collarbone may very well be very delicate and susceptible to sunburn.

Even after radiation remedy is over, the pores and skin within the handled space will burn extra simply. You ought to apply sunscreen each time you go open air, even when it doesn’t appear sunny.

8. Let Yourself Rest

Fatigue is a very common aspect impact for individuals going by radiation remedy. It’s additionally a symptom of breast most cancers itself in addition to of chemotherapy or hormone remedy. Although radiation works to kill most cancers cells, it might additionally kill wholesome cells, which may trigger signs like fatigue and excessive tiredness.

While present process radiation, you might discover that you just really feel drained on a regular basis and that resting doesn’t assist. For most individuals, fatigue will slowly worsen as remedy goes on, peaking on the finish of remedy. After that, fatigue ought to progressively get higher, however, for some individuals, it may final for months or years.

One MyBCTeam member really helpful, “Allow yourself time to rest. Make the most of the time when you do sleep at night.”

Keep each day observe of your vitality ranges, and share this info together with your most cancers care staff. You may rating your fatigue on a scale of zero to 10 — none, gentle, average, or extreme.

Make certain to speak together with your physician in case your fatigue begins to grow to be worse, considerably impacts your each day actions, or retains you in mattress for greater than a day.

9. Eat Well

Try to eat well during radiation treatment. Fatigue might make it tougher to devour a well-balanced weight loss plan, however not consuming sufficient or consuming poorly could make fatigue worse.

It’s necessary to be sure that what you eat supplies sufficient energy, nutritional vitamins, and vitamins. Ask mates or household that will help you hold your pantry stocked with components for easy-to-prepare meals so that you just don’t grow to be malnourished.

10. Stay Active

Regular train might help increase your vitality ranges, and research present that even average each day train might help fight fatigue from radiation remedy. Several MyBCTeam members have shared that taking quick walks helps with fatigue. One member stated, “Fatigue is an issue. A short walk helps keep that at bay.”

To handle fatigue, ensure you take common breaks, and attempt to plan actions for occasions of day when you’ll have extra vitality.

11. Reduce Swelling

You might discover swelling in your breast, armpit, arm, or hand throughout radiation remedy. This is often brought on by lymphedema — a buildup of lymph fluid. Lymph nodes often clear this fluid, however they might be eliminated with axillary (underarm) surgical procedure and generally grow to be broken by radiation remedy.

Lymphedema often begins progressively and might be handled. Let your well being care staff know immediately in case you discover any swelling of your hand or arm.

To reduce your risk of lymphedema, keep away from overusing the affected arm. Other methods embrace:

  • Exercising repeatedly to strengthen your muscular tissues
  • Avoiding excessive temperatures
  • Managing your weight
  • Washing your palms typically to keep away from infections

If you expertise swelling, your physician might suggest a remedy plan that features analysis by a bodily therapist, compression bandages, therapeutic massage remedy, or mild train. Keeping your arm raised to assist drain fluid may additionally assist ease signs.

12. Listen to Your Body

During radiation remedy, take note of what your physique is telling you. You know your physique finest. Some individuals discover it useful to maintain a each day log of how they’re feeling, which might be useful info when following up together with your physician about unwanted side effects.

Make certain to achieve out to your most cancers remedy staff about any considerations earlier than unwanted side effects grow to be too troublesome to tolerate.

Talk With Others Who Understand

MyBCTeam is the social community for individuals with breast most cancers and their family members. On MyBCTeam, greater than 58,000 members come collectively to ask questions, give recommendation, and share their tales with others who perceive life with breast most cancers.

Have you undergone radiation remedy for breast most cancers? Do you’ve got any suggestions for managing its unwanted side effects? Share your expertise within the feedback beneath, or begin a dialog by posting in your Activities web page.

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