5000+ English Grammar Exercises & Explanations

5000+ English Grammar Exercises & Explanations

The Complete English Grammar Course (A1 – C2 level): extra exercises, activities and downloadable flashcards

5000+ English Grammar Exercises & Explanations
5000+ English Grammar Exercises & Explanations

PDFs – project exercises

Visuals (charts and schemes)

  • 2.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Present Simple, part 1
  • 3.Tenses. Present Simple, part 1: exercises
  • 4.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Present Simple, part 2
  • 5.Tenses. Present Simple, part 2: exercises
  • 6.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Present Continuous
  • 7.Tenses. Present Continuous: exercises
  • 8.Tenses. Present Simple or Present Continuous, part 1
  • 9.Tenses. Present Simple or Present Continuous, part 2
  • 10.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Past Simple, Regular Verbs
  • 11.Tenses. Past Simple, regular verbs: exercises
  • 12.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Past Simple, Irregular verbs
  • 13.Tenses. Past Simple, irregular verbs: exercises
  • 14.Tenses. Past Simple, Regular and Irregular
  • 15.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Past Continuous
  • 16.Tenses. Past Continuous: exercises
  • 17.Tenses. Past Simple or Past Continuous, part 1
  • 18.Tenses. Past Simple or Past Continuous, part 2
  • 19.Tenses. Grammar lab: Present Perfect
  • 20.Tenses. Present Perfect, part 1
  • 21.Tenses. Present perfect, part 2
  • 22.Tenses. Present Perfect or Past Simple, part 1
  • 23.Tenses. Present Perfect or Past Simple, part 2
  • 24.Tenses. Past Continuous, Present Perfect or Past Simple
  • 25.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Past Perfect
  • 26.Tenses. Past Perfect: exercises
  • 27.Tenses. Past Perfect or Past Simple
  • 28.Tenses. Tenses – mixed
  • 29.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Future Simple
  • 30.Tenses. Future Simple – exercises
  • 31.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Be going to
  • 32.Tenses. Be going to: exercises
  • 33.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Present Simple and Present Continuous for the future
  • 34.Tenses. Let’s speak about the future – exercises
  • 35.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Future continuous and Perfect future
  • 36.Tenses. Future continuous and Perfect future: exercises
  • 37.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Present Perfect Continuous
  • 38.Tenses. Present Perfect Continuous or Simple: exercises
  • 39.Tenses. Grammar Lab: Past Perfect Continuous
  • 40.Tenses. Past Perfect Continuous or Past Perfect: exercises
  • 41.Tenses. All tenses, part 1
  • 42.Tenses. All tenses, part 2
  • 43.Passive. Grammar Lab: Passive Forms
  • 44.Passive. Present Simple and Present Continuous – active or passive
  • 45.Passive. Present Perfect and Past Simple – active or passive
  • 46.Passive. Past Perfect, Simple or Continuous – active or passive
  • 47.Passive. Future tenses – active or passive
  • 48.Passive. All tenses – active or passive, part 1
  • 49.Passive. All tenses, active or passive, part 2
  • 50.Conditionals. Grammar Lab: First type conditionals
  • 51.Conditionals. First type conditionals – exercises
  • 52.Conditionals. Grammar Lab: Second type conditionals
  • 53.Conditionals. Second type conditionals – exercises
  • 54.Conditionals. Grammar Lab: Third type conditionals
  • 55.Conditionals. Third type conditionals – exercises
  • 56.Conditionals. Zero, first, second or third type conditionals
  • 57.Conditionals. Grammar Lab: Mixed conditionals
  • 58.Conditionals. Mixed conditionals: exercises
  • 59.Conditionals. Grammar Lab: Advanced conditional structures
  • 60.Conditionals. Advanced conditional structures – exercises
  • 61.Conditionals. Grammar Lab: Wish sentences
  • 62.Conditionals. Wish sentences. Hypothetical situations: exercises
  • 63.Modals. Grammar Lab: Simple modal verbs – can, may, might, should, have to, must
  • 64.Modals. Simple modal verbs – can, may, might, should, have to, must
  • 65.Modals. Grammar Lab: Modals for deduction (present)
  • 66.Modals. Modals for deduction (present): exercises
  • 67.Modals. Grammar Lab: Continuous modals, forms
  • 68.Modals. Continuous modals: exercises
  • 69.Modals. Grammar Lab: Perfect modals
  • 70.Modals. Perfect modals: exercises
  • 71.Modals. Grammar Lab: Passive with modals, forms
  • 72.Modals. Passive with modals: exercises
  • 73.Modals. Key word transformations with modal verbs
  • 74.Reported Speech. Grammar Lab: Reported speech, changes in tenses and word order
  • 75.Reported Speech. Affirmative sentences: exercises
  • 76.Reported Speech. Grammar Lab: Questions
  • 77.Reported Speech: Questions, exercises
  • 78.Reported Speech. Reported Speech: Commands. Mixed exercises, part 1
  • 79.Reported Speech. Reported Speech, mixed exercises, part 2
  • 80.Verb forms. Grammar Lab: Used to, be used to and get used to, part 1
  • 81.Verb forms. Used to, be used to and get used to: exercises, part 1
  • 82.Verb forms. Used to, be used to and get used to: exercises, part 2
  • 83.Verb forms. Grammar Lab: Past Participle
  • 84.Verb forms. Past Participle: exercises
  • 85.Verb forms. Grammar Lab: Would rather, would prefer and had better
  • 86.Verb forms. Would rather, would prefer and had better: exercises
  • 87.Questions. Grammar Lab: Question tags
  • 88.Questions. Question tags: exercises
  • 89.Questions. Question tags
  • 90.Questions. Indirect questions: exercises
  • 91.Infinitives. Most common verbs, followed by TO + Infinitive
  • 92.Infinitives. Grammar Lab: The Infinitive – forms and structures
  • 93.Infinitives. The Infinitive, part 1, exercise
  • 94.Infinitives. The Infinitive, part 2, exercises
  • 95.Gerund. Most Common verbs, followed by verb + ING
  • 96.Gerund. Grammar Lab: The Gerund – types and structures
  • 97.Gerund. The Gerund, exercises, part 1
  • 98.Gerund. The Gerund, exercises, part 1
  • 99.Gerund or Infinitive, part 1
  • 100.Grammar lab: verbs of senses + gerund/infinitive
  • 101.Gerund or Infinitive, part 2 – verbs of senses, exercises
  • 102.Grammar Lab: verbs with different meanings + gerund or infinitive
  • 103.Gerund or infinitive, part 3 – verbs with different meanings, exercises
  • 104.Passive Structures. Grammar Lab: Impersonal passive structures
  • 105.Passive structures. Impersonal passive structures: exercises
  • 106.Passive structures. Grammar Lab: Personal Passive Structures
  • 107.Passive structures. Personal Passive Structures: exercises
  • 108.Personal and Impersonal structures, part 1
  • 109.Personal and Impersonal structures, part 2
  • 110.Inversion. Grammar Lab: Inversion – so/ neither
  • 111.Inversion. Inversion, part 1 – so/ neither – exercises
  • 112.Inversion. Grammar Lab: Inversion – hardly ever, never, rarely
  • 113.Inversion. Inversion, part 2 – hardly ever, never, rarely
  • 114.Inversion. Grammar Lab: Inversion – other cases
  • 115.Inversion. Inversion, part 3 – other cases: exercises
  • 116.Conjunctions. Grammar Lab: Conjunctions – coordinators
  • 117.Conjunctions. Conjunctions – coordinators: exercises
  • 118.Conjunctions. Grammar Lab: Conjunctions – subordinators
  • 119.Conjunctions. Conjunctions , subordinators: exercises
  • 120.Conjunctions. Conjunctions , mixed exercises
  • 121.Prepositions. Grammar Lab: prepositions of time
  • 122.Prepositions. Prepositions of time: exercises
  • 123.Prepositions. Grammar lab: prepositions of place
  • 124.Prepositions. Prepositions of place – exercise
  • 125.Prepositions. Grammar Lab: Dependent prepositions, adjectives and adverbs
  • 126.Prepositions. Dependent prepositions, adjectives and adverbs: exercises
  • 127.124 GrLab DepPrep Verbs
  • 128.Prepositions. Dependent prepositions, verb: exercises
  • 129.Mixed. Transformations, part 1
  • 130.Mixed. Transformations, part 2
  • 131.TIPS: How to work on your grammar from now on?

About This Class

NB! This is NOT a course for Native Speakers. The instructor is NOT a native speaker as well.

Welcome to the course which will help you: 5000+ English Grammar Exercises & Explanations !

After creating the Complete English Grammar Course – from A1 to C1 level I was so grateful to see the positive reaction of people all around the world, sharing their success stories. English grammar happened not to be that difficult 🙂

What all of my students asked for, however, are extra exercises.

Well, here they are! In the Improve Your Skills: The Complete English Grammar Course you are going to be part of, you will find hundreds of extra exercises on each and every topic, concerning English grammar. There will be grammar explanations as well.

Topics covered:

  • Tenses
  • Passive forms
  • Conditional sentences and Wish sentences
  • Modal verbs
  • Reported speech
  • Verb forms and Questions
  • Gerund and infinitive
  • Personal and Impersonal Passive Structures
  • Inversion
  • Conjunctions
  • Prepositions
  • Transformations
  • TIPS: How to keep working on your grammar And more:
  • Downloadable grammar cards with detailed grammar explanations after each Grammar Lab from the course – you can find them in the project section
  • Downloadable PDFs with the course exercises
  • Downloadable set with the 100 most common irregular verbs

This course is NOT for complete beginners. If you have already passed through the Complete English Grammar Course – from A1 to C1 level, it will help you get more confident when using the grammar you do know.

Why do you need grammar in fact? To help you express yourselves better, as simple as that.

If you have any doubts about the theory behind the grammar in practice, go through the GRAMMAR LAB you will find on each and every topic. There you will find the theory summarized and explained through simple examples.

One of the most useful lectures for you will be the TIPS-lecture. There you will find links to different online resources plus explanations how to take advantage of them:

  • How to keep improving your grammar?
  • How to practice everything you have learned?
  • How to start speaking and applying you knowledge in practice?

I’m so excited to have you here! 

Good luck!

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