Android and iPhone Software Repair with a Live Demo.

What Students will research

How to study phone information.

Prepare your PC and telephones for flashing.

Download phone drivers.

Learn strategies to arrange iTunes for iPhone, iPod, and iPad flashing.

How to care for laptop computer utilized in flashing phone.

How to utilize Windows 7, dwelling Windows 8, and Home Windows 10 in flashing telephones.

How to backup Android ROM Dump rom firmware.

How to backup clone/china telephones,

How to backup the pac file for SPD android and the Backup Dump ROM Scatter android file for MTK.

How to flash an MTK CPU chip Android telephones.

How to flash DA or with out DA file.

How to flash with or with out a preloader.

How to flash an SPD CPU chip Android phone.

How to utilize CM2 in SPD Flashing.

How to utilize EvaluationDownload, EnhanceDownload, and Factory Download Tools.

Repair SPD clear show after flashing.

How to flash Android Clone or Chinese telephones generally known as refurbished.

How to flash with CM2 Infinity Dongle, NCK software program program,  and Miracle Box.

How to flash and recuperate Dead Tecno F1 F1 Pro and F2.

Check the phone for liquid hurt.

How to revive bricked Tecno F1.

Flash with applicable DA and Universal Firmware.

How to restore an Android phone that hangs when the suitable password is entered.

How to flash and restore this express state of affairs with out laptop computer?

How to encrypt a phone with an unsuitable password 

How to remove malware from the phone with out flashing.

How to Recover and Update iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

How to put numerous sorts of iPhones in DFU mode.

How to put iPhone in receive mode.

How to acquire iOS with iTunes.

How to extract and flash iPhone with many software program packages.

Students will understand how we break down the strategy of fixing iPhone is disabled.

The best methodology to acquire iOS with out understanding the iPhone modem.

Flashing iPhone with dwell demo.

How to place in Samsung android driver.

How to acquire the correct firmware for an express Samsung phone.

How to place in kies drivers utilized in Samsung flashing.

And we wrap it up with flashing Samsung with Multiloader.

How to Bypass FRP on Chinese Android Tablets Phone.

How to connect a locked Android phone to WIFI or hotspot 

How to utilize a phone native browser when locked.

How to utilize Google Account Manager for FRP.

How to Bypass FRP on Android telephones that the CPU and mannequin are unknown.

How to utilize the Online Chimera Tool to flash telephones.

How to utilize Chimera Tool freed from cost.

How to configure and arrange Chimera Tool

How to place in many beneficial phone drivers with Chimera Tool.

How to acquire phone data with Chimera Tool.

How to resolve totally different Software factors in Android telephones.

How to restore dm verify error on Android phone.

How to revive Unfortunately android has stopped on Android telephones with out flashing.

How to revive Not Enough Memory on Android phone. Etc.

How to flash phone from fully totally different areas and sharing of data.

How to utilize USB redirector,

How to configure VPN Teamviewer,

How to change firmware from one laptop computer to a totally different one with out bodily contact.

How to revive and restore IMEI.

Learn strategies to restore imei null, and strategies to restore imei invalid.

Learn strategies to make use of MtkEngineering and strategies to make use of CM2 to revive IMEI.

How to revive imei with totally different software program packages.

Repair IMEI with Miracle Field.


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