Complete Wi-Fi Networks Ethical Hacking Course Free Download

Complete Wi-Fi Networks Ethical Hacking Course

Complete Wi-Fi Networks Ethical Hacking Course


Welcome to our comprehensive course on Wi-Fi network ethical hacking. In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of Wi-Fi networks, and their vulnerabilities, and learn how to perform ethical hacking techniques to secure them. This course is designed for both beginners and experienced professionals looking to enhance their skills in Wi-Fi network security.

Module 1: Wi-Fi Fundamentals

In this module, we will cover the fundamental concepts of Wi-Fi networks. You will learn about different Wi-Fi standards, network architecture, encryption protocols, and authentication methods. Understanding these basics is crucial for identifying vulnerabilities and securing Wi-Fi networks.

Complete Wi-Fi Networks Ethical Hacking Course Free Download

Module 2: Wi-Fi Security Threats

In this module, we will explore the various security threats that Wi-Fi networks face. You will learn about common attack vectors such as rogue access points, man-in-the-middle attacks, password cracking, and session hijacking. We will delve into the techniques used by hackers to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Module 3: Wi-Fi Network Enumeration

This module focuses on the enumeration phase of Wi-Fi network hacking. You will learn how to gather information about target networks, including SSID, MAC addresses, and connected devices. We will also cover techniques for identifying hidden networks and analyzing signal strength to map out network coverage.

Module 4: Wi-Fi Network Authentication Attacks

In this module, we will explore different authentication attacks on Wi-Fi networks. You will learn how to crack WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption protocols, bypass MAC address filtering, and perform dictionary and brute-force attacks. We will also discuss countermeasures to protect against these attacks.

Module 5: Wi-Fi Network Traffic Analysis

This module focuses on analyzing Wi-Fi network traffic to uncover vulnerabilities. You will learn how to capture and analyze network packets using tools like Wireshark. We will cover techniques for sniffing passwords, analyzing network protocols, and detecting suspicious activity.

Module 6: Wi-Fi Network Defense and Countermeasures

In the final module, we will discuss Wi-Fi network defense strategies and countermeasures. You will learn how to secure your Wi-Fi networks by implementing strong encryption, configuring firewalls, enabling network segmentation, and monitoring network traffic. We will also explore best practices for network security and the importance of regular updates and patches.

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Complete Wi-Fi Networks Ethical Hacking Course For Free

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