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RECOMMENDED for absolute newbies to Java and Programming!

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#1: 150,000+ Learners – One of the highest-rated Java Courses on Udemy!

#2: Designed for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS to Java Programming (Core + Advanced)

#3: HANDS-ON – Write 100+ Programs – The best approach to check Java Programming is to get your palms dirty!

#4: PUZZLES and EXERCISES to help reinforce your learning

#5: One of the first packages to be updated to JAVA 16. Covers all new choices in Java 9, Java 10, Java 11, Java 12, Java 13, Java 14, Java 15, and Java 16.

#6: FREE 150-page Course Companion Web Site

#7: BONUS – Learn to Build REST API with Spring, Spring Boot, and JPA (Hibernate)


5 STARS – The best Java course in the marketplace for Beginners. Highly helpful.

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5 STARS – Great combination of precept and exercises!

5 STARS – What a great course!!!

5 STARS – This is the best Java course I’ve come through. It’s straight to the aim with no missing particulars. You can get a consideration of what you’re getting into into working with Java fast with this course. I favor it.

5 STARS – Never thought taking a web-based course would in all probability be so helpful. The instructor is a type of partaking and supplies a wonderful amount of exercises.

5 STARS – This course is nice! I take pleasure in it. It is for newbies, so it’s very helpful for people who don’t know one thing about programming.

5 STARS – It’s very properly thought out. I profit from the mounted exercises and the issues they present to make points happen.


Java is among the hottest programming languages. Java provides object-oriented and sensible programming choices.

We take a hands-on technique using a mixture of JShell and Eclipse as IDE for occasions larger than 200 Java Coding Exercises, Puzzles, and Code Examples. This course assumes no earlier ( beginner ) programming or Java experience. If you’ve certainly not programmed a laptop sooner, or if you already have experience with one different programming language and must quickly examine Java, this could be a good course for you.

In more than 250 Steps, we uncover vital Core Java Programming Language Features

  • Basics of Java Programming – Expressions, Variables, and Printing Output
  • Java Operators – Java Assignment Operators, Relational and Logical Operators, Short Circuit Operators
  • Java Conditionals and If Statement
  • Methods – Parameters, Arguments, and Return Values
  • Object-Oriented Programming – Class, Object, State, and Behavior
  • Basics of OOPS – Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism
  • Basics about Java Data Types – Casting, Operators, and More
  • Java Built-in Classes – BigDecimal, String, Java Wrapper Classes
  • Conditionals with Java – If Else Statement, Nested If Else, Java Switch Statement, Java Ternary Operator
  • Loops – For Loop, While Loop in Java, Do While Loop, Break and Continue
  • Immutability of Java Wrapper Classes, String and BigDecimal
  • Java Dates – Introduction to LocalDate, LocalTime and LocalDateTime
  • Java Array and ArrayList – Java String Arrays, Arrays of Objects, Primitive Data Types, toString, and Exceptions
  • Introduction to Variable Arguments
  • Basics of Designing a Class – Class, Object, State, and Behavior. Deciding State and Constructors.
  • Understanding Object Composition and Inheritance
  • Java Abstract Class and Interfaces. Introduction to Polymorphism.
  • Java Collections – List Interface(ArrayList, LinkedList, and Vector), Set Interface (HashSet, LinkedHashSet, and TreeSet), Queue Interface (PriorityQueue) and Map Interface (HashMap, HashTable, LinkedHashMap and TreeMap() – Compare, Contrast and Choose
  • Generics – Why do we would like Generics? Restrictions with Extensions and Generic Methods, WildCards – Upper Bound and Lower Bound.
  • Functional Programming – Lambda Expression, Stream, and Operations on a Stream (Intermediate Operations – Sort, Distinct, Filter, Map and Terminal Operations – max, min, purchase to List), Functional Interfaces – Predicate Interface, Consumer Interface, Function Interface for Mapping, Method References – static and event methods
  • Introduction to Threads and MultiThreading – Need for Threads
  • Implementing Threads – Extending Thread Class and Implementing Runnable Interface
  • States of a Thread and Communication between Threads
  • Introduction to Executor Service – Customizing the number of Active Threads. Returning a Future, invokeAll, and invoke any
  • Introduction to Exception Handling – Your Thought Process all through Exception Handling. try, catch, and eventually. Exception Hierarchy – Checked Exceptions vs Unchecked Exceptions. Throwing an Exception. Creating and Throwing a Custom Exception – CurrenciesDoNotMatchException. Try with Resources – New Feature in Java 7.
  • List info and folders in the Directory with Files document methodology, File stroll methodology and uncover methods. Read and write from a File.

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